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What's a dream of yours?

I was once asked this question.  On Feb 23, 2020, I was sitting in a Co-Active Fundamentals (coaching) course when approached by the room leader, a master coach, and my soon-to-be mentor.  His prompt sparked a process in me that transformed my life, my worldview, my relationship with myself / co-workers / family & friends.

You want the real aha though??  That "spark"came from ME; from this new self-awareness.  As for the leader, mentor, coach? He simply created the environment, the energy, and the moment for that dream to emerge.

Those I coach will often hear me say that with new awareness comes new responsibility.

As part of my responsibility to my new awareness,  I built this site and am extending an invitation to those who desire spark in their work and lives.

What's "Allspark Coaching" ?  


It's the practice of thriving in complexity with simple tools and techniques.  It's awareness work in yourself, your relationships, and in your organization.  It's consciousness for the sake of deep inclusion, integration and global impact.  It's the studied alchemy of professional coaching and agility coaching.  It's dreaming + grounded reality.  It's the belief that you are naturally, creative, resourceful and whole.  And it's the endlessly renewable energy needed in the workplace and the world.


Brian is a CPCC/ACC/OSRCC and ICF certified coach, a certified enterprise agile coach (ICA-ENT & ICA-CAT), team coach (ICA-ACC) and facilitator (ICA-ATF), a SAFE 5.0 certified CSM/RTE, a WholeMind leader, trained Integrated Adult Male and

Positive Intelligence coach.

Holds Degrees in/from:

* BA, Theatre / Binghamton University

* MBA, Tech Entrepreneurship / Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

* PhD, Industrial Psychology / {pursuing


Evolving the way we work in complexity for Organizations, Individuals & Teams.

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