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Updated: May 16, 2022

"I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet, but your kids are gonna love it!" -Marty McFly

Somewhere in Corporate America, in the alternate reality of the year 2021, Biff and his gang got together and using the Gray's Sports Almanac, decided to mandate that 80% of their employees come back to the office 3 times a week.

NOTE: regarding this topic, I admit to my biases and the lenses I look through; and, yes, I'm curious about what you see are the best ways for employees to work in your company culture going forward. I'd happily respond to the merits of employee choice, onsite vs remote vs hybrid working models, and what motivates employees to do good work, in the comments of this blog article.

For now, let's rewind a bit and draw upon the skill of empathy, because Executives, today, face tremendous responsibility running companies. These aren't small problems, these are HEAVY challenges. (you picking up on the Back to the Future puns? "Heavy", get it?  🎯).

Challenges such as

  1. The company's financial stability

  2. Hypercompetition

  3. Visioning, direction

  4. HR talent shortages

  5. JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) initiatives

  6. Information Security & Data Privacy concerns

  7. Climate Change

  8. Problem with the Earth's gravitational pull ( 🙃 ) HEAVY!

And it's about to get heavier...add on to the list

9. <del> Workplace Flexibility Expectations </del> Modernizing & Humanizing the workforce

So in spirit of keeping this blog short, I'd like to end with an offer I call the "GREAT SCOTT!"-perspective. It's an "aha" perhaps, for you, the reader, the leader:

You always have choice on how to lead teams. Whether working from home, the office, both, or neither; help the team(s) find what they already know best suits them.


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