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Zoom Fatigue is Real

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Ahhhhh, you thought I'd continue complaining about a product which no one had a say in using from day 1 of the pandemic, didn't you? No? Or, you thought I'd share some tips on how to deal with the overwhelming feeling of virtual meeting burnout? No again? Well, maybe you were hoping I'd share one of my new leadership tools you could bring into your business!?) Or, maybe you thought to yourself, *ugh*, I misclicked on this link, quick swipe left! Ha!

If you made it this far, thank you, and keep reading.

This is my first blog posting as a coach. So I'll be mainly using a coaching and leader lens in these blogs. And I do have something to say about the headline, though it may be different than what you are expecting.

First, yes, zoom fatigue can feel real. You can read about it , the four reasons, and possible solutions from a recent Stanford study. Second, no, zoom fatigue is a perspective. Hear me out.

We all have perspectives (ways we see ourselves in the world) that we choose to be in, and, perhaps out of our evolutionary need for social acceptance, we often find it convenient to take on the perspectives of the people around us. If I asked, "how EXHAUSTED did you feel after that meeting?", I'm leading you to a perspective of being exhausted or the various associated feelings of being tired, drained, lackluster, uninspired etc. However, if I asked, "how EXCITED were you after the meeting?" you may choose the perspective of excite, energetic, interested, etc. Make sense?

So for the sake of creating and promoting healthy virtual working habits, my request is for you take a new perspective into your next virtual meeting. Use this formula as a guide:


  • <<create a meeting intention>> ex: Eye contact with one person

The QUALITY I'll explore with this intention is:

  • <<choose a quality>> ex: Intrigue

The COMMITMENT I'm making:

  • <<make a commitment>> ex: I'll check-in with the person post-meeting

Upon fulfilling my request, drop me a line on how you felt after your next Zoom. Were you zoomed out or did you find a way to zoom in? 😉👊🏼🙏🏽

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