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Myth Change

What are Myths?

Myths are the deep, meaningful, and heartfelt narratives that get created in relationships. When two lovers share their origin, how they met and fell in love; we often get a glimpse of their Original Myth. In business, Myths are the powerful, positive and vital connections to a team's or organization's shared purpose. Oh and, they're extremely useful in coaching relationship systems, too. I often call upon Myths in times of confusion, conflict, or crisis.

Business indicators for a Myth Change

Inevitably, old myths one day become outdated and stifling, so let's look at when they're ready for a revamp. You might need a myth change when there's:

  • A Pandemic and/or a large restructuring of the workforce Fairly obvious, eh? And yet, how many companies are actually creating new myths vs rebooting old cultural code? For my take on this topic, go Back to the Office

  • A large number of Ghost Roles, Time Spirits on the team or in the organization These are the past stories or major life transitions that haunt even halt progress. A great example of this came in March, when Disney corporate employees staged a org-wide walkout in support of the LGBTQIA+ community and in protest of Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, initial response to Florida's "Don't Say Gay or Trans" bill.

  • A reduced sense of fulfillment, meaning, excitement, or positivity in the environment Ex: The social distancing effects of Remote work. For a perspective shift on this topic, check out my blog on Zoom Fatigue.

  • Burned-out, overworked, underpaid, or underappreciated employees I cover a snippet on how to energize teams in a prior blog as well.

  • The use of "I" is disportionately greater than that of "WE" Pay attention to both the words AND actions. Are we blaming each other, working independently OR pointing to the situation, working interdependently?

  • The loss of Team and/or Corporate identity, heart, passion, purpose and vision Who are we? Where are we going? What's important to us? How will we thrive together? Myth stories help us stay grounded & committed.

  • The Original Myth no longer serving employees, teams, customers or partners. As we, individuals, grow and change, so must our individual, team and organizational myths grow with us.

Am I ready for change?

However unwelcomed, there will be extreme circumstances (the 6 D's -- death, disease, divorce, disaster, downsizing, drug abuse) in which Myth Changes are forced upon us. Instead of waiting for the worst to define you; start making new, more vibrant, life-fulfilling narratives, today. Whether in your personal or professional life, ask yourself and others...

Q: What story of ours do we love / hate?

Q: What needs to be grieved, honored, or acknowledged from the old story?

Q: What's possible for our relationship now?

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